Benoît SAUVÉ, a self taught musician, has been practising the recorder since he was eight. He first takes a keen interest in Rock and Celtic music.

When he is a teenager, he discovers Jazz and is seized by a compulsive desire to study it.

Considered as one of the very rare recorder players in Jazz, he can be heard in the biggest festivals and theatres. Lately, he was heard with Jean Jacques MILTEAU at the "Olympia" (a Famous theatre in Paris) or with the "Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses" at "Le Bataclan" (another Famous theatre in Paris).

He combines virtuosity, musicality, the sense of improvisation and the incredible ability to tackle the most different sorts of music. He is regularly invited in recording studios and he takes part in the recording of lots of CDs for various artists (Catherine Lara ,Graal ,Georgian Legend ..).

His own technique and art bring the recorder in a new dimension and induces us to reconsider his place in the present musical scene.

"I am astouned with the virtuosity and musicality of Benoît SAUVÉ on this modest instrument (and I know what I am talking about).
It's a stimulating encouragement for all players!"
Jean-Jacques Milteau

"... moreover, Benoît Sauvé has got an amazing talent in improvisation."
Jacques Casterede - La Dépêche (09-08-2000) Festival en Albret.

"We are in the presence of a musician and an instrumentalist highly gifted and having a really exeptional talent. There's little chance of meeting another musician of such considerable merit."
Jean-Claude Forenbach (harmony & wind instruments teacher at CIM)

"I have never seen so great ease on this sort of instrument. It's just unique! Benoît SAUVÉ has been able to reach beyond the obvious limits of the instrument."
Olivier Ker Ourio

"A completely unexpected recorder, standing out because of his precision in both interpretation and improvisation."
Dominique Le Guichaoua - Trad Magazine

"He is a master in the art of playing the recorder."
Le Télégramme. Concert Festival en Trégor 2001

"A couple of jig and reels are included in the programme, both featuring some of the exceptionnal talents of flautist Benoît Sauvé".
Steve Marsch - Classical Guitar Sept 2003

"Par sa vélocité,Benoit Sauvé fait valser le temps et danser la durée. Virtuosité des lèvres, des doigts et du souffle. Voix concertante entre flûte et guitare. On est ici en présence du plus et du meilleur ".
Daniel Leduc - Le Mague Journal. (« Solace ». Pascal Bournet Consort)